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Your doctor inserts a gloved finger into the rectum to feel the condition of the prostate that lies close to the rectal wall. If your doctor feels something suspicious such as a lump or bump, further tests will be carried out.
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Pregnancy and urinary tract

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Temporary bladder control problems are common during and after pregnancy. The added weight and pressure of pregnancy can weaken pelvic floor muscles. Other aspects of pregnancy and childbirth can also cause problems:

  • Changed position of bladder and urethra
  • Vaginal delivery, multiple or prolonged
  • Episiotomy (the cut in the muscle that makes it easier for the baby to come out)
  • Damage to bladder control nerves
Professionals who can help you with bladder control include
  • General Practitioner
  • A gynaecologist
  • A urogynaecologist an expert in women's bladder problems
  • A urologist, an expert in bladder problems
  • A specialist in female urology
  • A nurse or nurse practitioner
  • A physical therapist
Please remember that

Bladder control problems may show up months to years after childbirth. Talk to your health care team if this happens to you.

Exercising pelvic floor muscles can help prevent bladder control problems.

Women who exercise certain pelvic muscles have fewer bladder problems later on. These muscles are called pelvic floor muscles. If you plan to have a baby, talk to your doctor. Ask if you should do pelvic floor exercises.

Exercises after childbirth also help prevent bladder problems in middle age.

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